How to Choose the Right Terminal Crimping Machine?

How to Choose the Right Terminal Crimping Machine?

How to Choose the Right Terminal Crimping Machine?

To say that we live in a wired world is an understatement.

Used everywhere, one can find wires in almost all aspects of our lives.

From electricity and telecom to broadband and more, wires are everywhere.

It might not seem like much at face value, but the fact is that there is a massive infrastructure foundation that keeps everything afloat.

The backbone of the system, wires, is supported by a vast network of individuals, ranging from technicians to workers and more, all of whom work round the clock to keep things running.

As with any other profession, this industry too comes with its own tools of its trade. While some may think of massive machinery when they first hear of it, the reality can be something as simple as a  terminal crimping machine.

For those who aren’t aware of these machines, they are exactly what they sound like. The machines are used for the purpose of ‘crimping’ wires. A ‘crimp’ is essentially a small metal head used to connect wires to any point, after which it is usually screwed into place. The metal head looks like a small metal hoop, with an insulation socket where the wire is placed. The ‘crimping’ is done so as to allow for better circuitry when the lines are laid, as well as provide a more aesthetic look once the work is completed. The terminal crimping machines help to attach the crimp to the wire, after which it is secured in place through pressure, soldering or other such similar means.

Mentioned in the points below, are some excellent ways to choose the right terminal crimping machine.

1. Go for reputed suppliers

One of the best ways to get the right product is to simply go for the right suppliers.

This allows for a good percentage of the stress to be eliminated. The reason for this is due to the fact that these suppliers tend to be far more interested in maintaining their name and reputation, over others.

This holds true for both the dealers as well as the manufacturers.

2. Check with the supplier’s former clients

This is essentially a continuation of the previous point.

A great way to know the quality of a supplier’s product is to check with its clients.

This allows for real time confirmation of a brand or individual’s reputation, with regard to the quality of their wares.

3. Figure out if the product has guarantee and warranty available

This is something that is of concern once a product has been purchased. As with anything else, a terminal crimping machine is very much liable to break down eventually.

Should that happen, it is a good idea that the company is willing to provide a certain degree of aftercare for its clients. A guarantee here would indicate that a product will work for the said period of time, while the warranty is more of an insurance that provides for options such as money backs, replacements, free repair, etc.

4. See if the supplier has a good customer service system

The previous benefits, even if available is of no use, if there is no customer care service in place. The same holds true even in cases where it does exist, but isn’t up to the mark.

In order to make sure that the guarantee and warranty works, you will need to ensure that you are able to interact with the company after purchase; this usually happens through customer service networks.

It is therefore necessary that the company offers good customer care, preferably in the area or city that you currently stay in.

5. Check the credentials of the supplier

This is more of a general background check.

The things to look out here, with regard to the terminal crimping machine supplier, are things of paperwork nature, such as their business registration, brand registration, etc.

This is especially important in the case of large industrial purchases, where large sums of money may be at stake.

6. Let the machine be within your budget

Another important concern to be addressed here would be the cost of the machine, whether manual or automatic.

It doesn’t matter if the machine is of great quality, if it isn’t for sale at an affordable price.

Also to take into consideration here, are not just the crimping machine’s unit price, but also other things like takes, custom duty (if importing from another country), shipping and handling, etc.

7. Test the machine out

This is one of those things that tend to be overlooked, but at the same time very much important.

It is a good idea to check out the machine first in operation, before making the purchase. It is only after you are satisfied with the demonstrations and the quality of the work that you should be going in for the purchase.

Additionally, you can also have the crimping machine be tested out using the materials that you will be working with, rather than those provided by the supplier. This will ensure that the machine can satisfy your requirement and needs.

8. Have a crimp sample with you

This is a great way to know the quality of the crimping machine’s finished work.

Keep a sample of a well crimped wire with you, when checking the machine under consideration for purchase. By comparing the sample with the finished result, it should be easier to determine if the product is up to the mark or not.

8. Take the help of an expert if necessary

Last but not the least, ensure that you take the help of someone who is an expert in the field.

This is especially important in the case of automatic machines, since the electronics and other fine details of the crimping machine, may be difficult to understand for the average buyer.

Go for the purchase, only when the machine has been thoroughly inspected and its quality certified.

To sum it up, the list of points mentioned above should give a rough idea on how to go about with the selection process.

Do note that depending on your unique needs, things may vary and you will probably have to employ other strategies as well.

However, the above should serve as a foundation, when going about with the machine inspection and selection process.